Treatment For PCOD

PCOD has been one of the commonest issue for infertility nowadays in women. Its due to the presence of cyst in ovaries. It is believed to be a genetic disease. In earlier days PCOD was considered to be an old age issue, but nowadays as young as 15 years old female is diagnosed with PCOD.

The commonest symptoms are anovulation related infertility, irregular menstruation and amenorrhoea. Excessive androgenic hormones which result in acne and hirsutism. Insulin resistance is associated with diabetes, high cholesterol level and obesity. The symptoms and severity of the disease may vary in individuals.

The exact cause of PCOD is unknown. Its strongly believed to be a genetic disorder.

When it comes for PCOD complaints our first and foremost aim is to make sure that its not spreading anymore. PCOD and obesity is like vice versa, more you gain weight, more cysts. Even if we are not loosing weight, just make sure that we don’t gain at least.

With the help of homeopathic medication at Dr. MAHESH PAGADALA's Homoeopathy, we make sure that your menstruation is regularized and ovulation corrected, so that there is no trouble in conceiving.

We strongly recommend Homeoapthic treatment for PCOD, as the results are better and without any side effects.