Q. Is homeopathic medicines safe for children?

A. Yes, there is no age limitations for taking homeopathic medicines. Right from a new born baby, anybody of any age and sex can consume the medicines.

Q. Does Homeopathic medicines first increases the intensity of disease and then decreases?

A. This happens only in hypersensitive patients (1%), where there may be a slight increase in the symptoms for a brief period of time about 7-15 days which eventually subsides on its own.

Q. Is homeopathy a new science?

A. Homeopathy is in practice for more than 200 years. More than 500 million people worldwide have got benefited with homeopathic system of medicine.

Q. Can I take allopathic medicines or any other system of medicine along with homeopathic medicine?

A. Definitely yes, but don’t take any other homeopathic medicines, without the knowledge of your current homeopath.

Q. Is homeopathic medicines effective in treating acute disease?

A. Homeopathic medicines are effective and in fact more rapid in curing the acute conditions. Homeopathic medicines helps very well in conditions like cold, cough, tonsillitis, acute renal colic, viral fever, headache, earache, diarrhoea and so on.

Q. Is there any diet restrictions during the treatment?

A. There is no specified dietary restriction while taking the medicines, however the patient should avoid foods which triggers his disease condition.